Film study… week 53

Pretty Baby

Set in a New Orleans whorehouse in 1917, this controversial tale of  obsession stars a pre-teen Brooke Shields as the precocious, Violet. When photographer, Belloq (Keith Carradine) arrives with the intention of photographing the inhabitants of the house rather than bedding them, he becomes increasingly enraptured with the beautiful but underage Violet, threatening to destroy them both. There’s a lot about this film that is engrossing but not enough to make it worth cringing through a lot of very inappropriate nudity. I’m no prude but watching Violet’s virginity being sold off gave me the heeb. Approach with caution.

Pushy Moms: The Whorehouse edition... now on Channel 4

He’s Just Not That Into You

I remember reading the book that inspired this film and finding it very hard to accept… before realising that it was all true. This ensemble romantic comedy(?) had the potential to be very funny but instead it was just very depressing and the series of mostly happy endings were smothered in Hollywood morality. Another one of those films where I kind of hoped the twist would involve some kind of Raoul Moat style shooting incident. Don’t let the stellar cast (Ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston, Drew Barrymore, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johanson, etc) fool you… you can’t polish a turd.

What do you mean you shaved the left side of your head?

The Terminator

Yes…much to my husband’s (and probably your) disgust until this weekend I’d never actually seen Terminator even though I can quote it quite impressively. I’m sure you all know the story… cyborg Terminator from the future (a thankfully mostly silent, Arnold Schwarzenegger) gets sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, the mother (Linda Hamilton) of the not-yet-conceived child that will lead a revolution against ruling machines. Fortunately Sarah’s not alone in all this. Rebel fighter, Kyle (Michael Biehn) has followed the Terminator back in time to defend her and maybe get a little bit nekkid. Honestly, I really enjoyed this. Through noughties goggles, it’s got both a charming 80’s cheesiness and a decent storyline. Looking forward to the other three I apparently also have to watch.

The governator is watching you


Bitter, miserable children’s book author, Henry Roth (Billy Crudup) is forced to work with sweet but screwed up illustrator, Lucy Reilly (Mandy Moore) when his partner, and only friend, Rudy Holt (Tom Wilkinson), dies. Unsurprisingly Henry’s initial loathing for Lucy turns to love, but having the emotional range of a kettle, he’s not very good at showing it. Plus Lucy’s annoying English ex, Jeremy, (Martin Freeman) is waiting in the wings trying to get Lucy back. Dedication lacks the charm required to make something quite this indie accessible and the problem with making Henry such a massive douchebag is that it’s hard not to hope that Lucy will run off for the sake of her own sanity. There are much better films in this genre.

Lucy was suddenly overtaken by the devestating realisation that she had left her Pepperami on the train

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