Film study… week 52

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I never saw the original Wall Street but apparently it’s a classic. Not sure if the same can be said about the sequel. Shia LeBeouf plays Jake Moore, a Wall Street trader engaged to the estranged hippy activist daughter (Carey Mulligan) of recently released shamed excon trader extraordinaire, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). When Jake uncovers dirty dealings behind the collapse of the firm he’s been working for he enlists Gekko’s help in uncovering the whole big scamdle (typo intended). The fact that I’m struggling to recall the details of the plot as I write this is probably not a good sign…

What you're smelling is the blood of virgins... it keeps me irresistable to the ladies, even though my face looks like a pensioner's testicle


In this brilliantly trippy cult 80’s tech caper, a hacker called Flynn (Jeff Bridges) gets sucked into a computer operating system and must compete in gladiatorial games while trying to escape the evil Master Control Programme (David Warner). At the time that the graphics were done for this they were revolutionary and even now they have a weird kind of neon charm. Go on… relive your childhood.

Yo, MC, play those funky disco beats!

Tron: Legacy

In this noughties reboot of the original Flynn (again Jeff Bridges) has disappeared back into the digital world. His son (Garrett Hedlund, er who?) decides to track him down and finds him at the mercy of Clu (a creepily digitally “youthened” Jeff Bridges), the programme he created to manage the utopia he was attempting to create. Although this has been CGI-ed up the wazoo it lacks the charm of the original and its lack of storyline and bloated running time makes it something of an inferior article.

When I grow up I will be Ironman's bitch

Friends With Benefits

When friends Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) decide to add occasional sex to their relationship, they think they’ve found a way to avoid the dramas that romance brings. Of course they’re wrong and of course this eventually descends into gooey happy ending territory but refreshingly this is a romantic comedy that is actually funny and frighteningly relatable if you spent most of your 20’s single. Timberlake and Kunis are fun and sexy without ever becoming annoying, and while this certainly isn’t any kind of cinematic masterpiece it’s very watchable and great for a girl’s night at the movies.

Jolene's inebriated avant garde art project was surpisingly unpopular with her subject

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