A wedding retrospective from Mrs Osbiston

So I am now officially only answering to Mrs Osbiston (even though it’s not my real name… has anyone seen the paperwork and expense involved in changing your name from abroad with a foreign marriage certificate??) On Saturday I said I do (well not really because in UK civil ceremonies you don’t actually say I do) to my best friend and became a wife for life.

The morning started with breakfast baguettes before the hair and make-up artists and long-suffering photographer, Jodi, arrived at Dawn’s house to beautify us and document the beautification. Poor Bobby was put in charge of everyone’s comfort and did a sterling job of ferrying drinks while surrounded by heaps of hairspray, mountains of mascara and fountains of false eyelashes. I have to give massive props to Barb, La and Ron for the half an hour they spent putting me into my dress. Corsets are not easy to put on and yanking me into mine was a several person job.

Before we knew it the bus had arrived and it was time to head to Wandsworth Town registry office. Just in case you were wondering if I just jumped into the 156, we hired a vintage Routemaster for the day and the bridal party travelled in it, to much applause and waving from the passing traffic.

My family was not at the wedding because we’re having a second ceremony in South Africa, so my wonderful friend, Hilton walked me down the aisle, cutting a dashing figure all the way. After a small glitch with the music I walked down the aisle to There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, and I have to admit that my groom’s facial expression when he saw me for the first time is something I’ll never forget.

Our ceremony was special in many ways, one of which being that it was streamed by live webcast for family and friends abroad and the UK to watch. I particularly liked the fact that Josh, Dom, Grace, Saoirse, Rob, Niamh and Tash got together for a little wedding party to watch it.

Post ceremony, we rounded up the guests and popped them back on the bus for champers and a bit of a tour of the city as we headed to The Trafalgar Club in Greenwich. It was honestly my favourite part of the wedding since I got to spend some time with Paul, just sitting and chilling and the photos on arrival are just too cool.

I have to admit that most of the rest of the wedding is an absolute blur. We had an amazing meal and some very special speeches. I didn’t cry much… okay I cried constantly. I even cried in my own speech. Thank god Dawn and Barb took turns making me stand still and redo my make-up. Before we knew it the evening guests had arrived and the dance floor was set upon with gusto.

From what I can tell everyone had a wonderful time, I know it was one of the most exciting, fun days of my life.

Thank-you to everyone who came and shared it with us. Every single one of you was an essential, special part of the day… and to show you just how much it meant to us we’re handing out a couple of little awards…

Most missed
While we weren’t expecting my family, we were expecting Paul’s nan, Kathleen. Unfortunately she wasn’t well enough to come and she was very much missed.

Glorious glutton
Alan, Paul’s dad, who ate his food as well as Paul’s nan’s.

Best dressed
Saoirse, who really got into the polka dots and even had a petticoat.

Murder on the dance floor
Rob… who was, as always, infine form on the dance floor

Incredible emo
Dawn… who started crying about two weeks before the wedding and never really stopped.

Invincible imbiber
Matt, who probably doesn’t remember much past about 4pm but still managed to walk to the hotel afterwards

Awesome orator
Hilton, whose speech could be used as an official guide to wedding oratory and managed to inspire tears, laughter and a lot of love.

Terrific travellers
La and Barb, who came all the way from South Africa to be by my side

Lovable lush
David, who hugged me about 200 times and told me how happy he was to have a sister.


  1. Jen

    I am SO HAPPY for you guys and I’m so glad it all went beautifully *mashes keyboard* I have no words.

  2. like seriously Abbi, seriously amazing, wonderful, beautiful, whimsical, joyful…. I am overwhelmed. what a wedding…and the double decker bus too….words can’t describe.

  3. Oh and I forgot to say that your wedding dress blew me away – it looks amazing on you and is just so perfect in every way. I want to get married again just so I can wear a dotty dress 🙂

    1. Abbi

      Awwww thank-you! You’d be proud to know I bought that dress online for £150 (less than $300) but I loved it. I loved everything about my wedding and it was so us!

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