Film study… week 46

The Remains Of The Day

This film tells the long and painful story of a British butler (Anthony Hopkins) who falls in love with the housekeeper (Emma Thompson) who joins the household he is in service in in the lead up to WWII.  The butler, Stephens, is loyal to a fault to his employer who has become rather unwisely and naively involved on the Nazi side of war politics, while housekeeper, Miss Kenton, feisty but locked into propriety. This film seethes with unexpressed emotion, repressed passion and the rigours of duty, which makes it both beautiful and torturous to watch… it’s one of those films where nothing actually happens. I loved it but if you like explosions and snogging, it probably isn’t for you.

You can't put Prince Philip next to the president of Uganda, are you trying to start World War III?

Tube Tales

I was quite excited at the prospect of a film made up of shorts about happenings on the London Underground because it’s such familiar territory. It has a well-known cast,  featuring Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Ray Winstone, Rachel Weiss, Simon Pegg and Sea Pertwee but for the most part it’s disjointed, underdeveloped and really a bit crap. Although the story about the trombone player who keeps falling in love with the same woman on the train was really sweet.

It might have been foolish, but Debbie kept hoping that the upholstery jacket was going to come into fashion


If you’re going to watch Adulthood, do yourself a favour and make sure you watch Kidulthood first, since this sequel assumes you know/remember every intricacy of it’s predecessor. Having served his sentence for murdering, Trife, Sam (Noel Clarke) is released from prison and is keen to turn over a new leaf. Unfortunately those he has wronged in the past don’t want to let bygones be bygones and he is forced into a battle between the lessons he learned in prison and the gang culture he knows so well. In light of the recent London riots, this gives a bit of a look into the underclass that exists where politicians don’t and won’t look. Interesting stuff.

Dijon couln't help but sulk at being left out of the riots

Elektra Luxx

Carla Gugino plays Elektra Luxx, a former porn star forced to go “straight” after falling pregnant by her now deceased rock star ex-boyfriend. The plot is as ludicrous as it sounds but Elektra is a charming well-rounded, complex female character (surprisingly rare) and it’s hard not to enjoy this if you like your films quirky and tongue-in cheek. Plus it features a bizarre cameo from Julianne Moore as the Virgin Mary as well as a turn by the increasingly irresistible, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as a Latino VBlogger obsessed with Elektra and the “art-of-porn”. The reviews for this are pretty rubbish and you certainly shouldn’t expect high art but I thought it was fun… and funny.

It was easy to figure out why Pam kept waking up with a crick in her neck

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