Film study… week 45


In this weird thriller, a young woman (Christina Ricci) dies in a car accident. She wakes up in the mortuary being prepared for her funeral by a creepy funeral director (Liam Neeson) who claims to be able to communicate with the dead in order to help them cross over to the other side. But is she really dead? I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a concept thriller or if we were literally supposed to suspend our belief in all medical fact. Either way, I spent most of the film marvelling at how tiny Christina Ricci is so I doubt it was successful at whatever it was trying to achieve.

Hold on, this isn't the beauty parlour!!!

The Education of Charlie Banks

Geeky college student, Charlie Banks’ (Jesse Eisenberg, once again doing his Woody Allen impersonation) life is turned upside down when the childhood bully, Mick (Jason “Son of John” Ritter) turns up suddenly and seduces the girl Charlie has fallen in love with. The essence of this film is that Mick is the catalyst that forces Charlie out of his comfort zone and teaches him that life is full of shades of grey rather than Charlie’s childish black and white vision. This could have been great but it rambles on for way too long before getting to the point. Decidedly average.

I wonder if they realise this isn't a jacuzzi and I've just had a lot of beans...

Fatal Attraction

Considering the rather creepy female who spends her life “watching” me, I probably shouldn’t have watched this film… but anyway. A cocky married lawyer (Michael Douglas) meets a glamorous woman (Glenn Close) at a party and spends a passionate weekend with her… only to find out that she is as mad as a bag of frogs. Although Close’s character is a creepy, manipulative psycho, you can’t help feeling that if Mike hadn’t have cheated on his very lovely wife, he wouldn’t have ended up being stalker by this bunny boiler (literally) so he deserves everything he gets…

Come a little closer, children, I have sweeties...


A promiscuous hairdresser, George’s (Warren Beatty, looking quite fine in 1975) life starts to fall apart as his various relationships with his girlfriend, the ex he still loves, her boyfriend and his wife and daughter all come to a head on one fateful night. Surprisingly Paul and I really enjoyed this. It was kind of cool and trippy and Goldie Hawn, playing George’s model girlfriend is charming and so like her daughter, Kate Hudson, it’s uncanny. If you like flares, free love and heady excess, you’ll love this. Apparently the character of George is based on a real life hairdresser who died in the infamous Manson murders.

Julie couldn't help but be annoyed that George had once again borrowed her belt without asking

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