Film study… week 44

Revenge of The Nerds

Two Uber-nerds arrive at university only to be bullied by the jocks and kicked out of their accommodation. Determined to get revenge, they start their own fraternity of misfits and start fighting back. Of course this is the 80’s so it’s breathtakingly sexist and there are some “hijinks” that would probably qualify as sex crimes in 2011. Cheesy and random in a way that you could only get away with in that era, I’d approach with caution but you might enjoy it if you’re an 80’s film connoisseur.

Riding nerdy!

The Adjustment Bureau

On the day his first campaign for the US Senate fails, politician, David Norris (Matt Damon) meets the woman of his dreams (Emily Blunt). However, as circumstances keep them apart, Norris discovers that there is a godlike agency behind the scenes orchestrating all our lives to a specific fate and she isn’t part of his. Although this was pretty slick and Emily Blunt is just delicious, I didn’t buy the mythology or the love conquers all premise.

Is says right here in the book, you have sex with me on the first date!


We all have our limitations and I have to admit that while I can enjoy the most abstract, existential Hungarian art cinema, political thrillers are just beyond me. Most of the time I can’t follow the storyline or pay attention enough to care, even if Doctor Bashir is in it. I have heard that Syriana is excellent and I’m sure it was but it was utterly wasted on me. There was something about oil and the CIA and money… but it might as well have been in Kyrgyzstani with no subtitles for all I got out of it.

Bob suddenly remembered where he'd left that bomb...


If you are not a sci-fi geek, look away now. This film is not for you and it doesn’t want to be. If, on the other hand, you have ever dabbled in any kind of fandom this surprisingly sweet, cameo-packed, whacky road trip caper will make your day. Having left his Star Wars obsessed friends behind, Eric (Sam Huntingdon) is on the verge of taking over the family car sales business, but when he finds out his best friend, Linus (Chris Marquette) is terminally ill he resurrects their childhood plan to break into Skywalker Ranch and the boys set off on the journey of a lifetime.. It’s not very well written or acted but I adored it. Geeks rule!

Umm... well... riding nerdy, I guess...

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