Film Study… week 43


Tom Hardy plays Charles Bronson is this biopic of the UK’s most notorious prisoner. Sentenced to seven years in for robbery, Bronson AKA Michael Peterson has gone on to spend 30 years in solitary confinement for offences. This film does more to explore Bronson’s psyche than the actual events and I think I would have liked some more “facts”. Paul loved it, however and Hardy proves that he really is quite the chameleon.

Shot doooooooooown in the name of glory....

Blood: The Last Vampire

I got sucked into some kind of overexcited anime meets vampire frenzy, thinking this was going to be fantastic. It wasn’t. The dynamic between teen schoolgirl vampire/demon hunter, Saya (Gianna Jun) and useless American public school idiot, Allison (Alice McKee) was bizarre and the CGI made Doctor Who look good. Crouching loser… hidden plot

I thought we agreed... no biting, hair pulling or eye-gouging!

Breakfast on Pluto

The ethereally beautiful Cillian Murphy plays Patrick “Kitten” Braden, a teen Irish transvestite who leaves the small town he was born in to find his mother in London. Along the way he has run-ins with IRA, gets taken in by a rock band, becomes a rent boy and meets all manner of weird and wonderful characters. Murphy is spectacular as the childlike, Kitten, but this is very “quirky” and probably not for anyone who isn’t into independent cinema.

Harper Seven soon realised attepting to combine her parents' careers was a bad decision

Star Trek: Nemesis

Some Star Trek movies are great. This is not one of them. It centres around a plot hatched on the slave planet Remus to destroy the earth by creating a clone of Captain Picard (more Tom Hardy looking a bit ill). Plus there is a duplicate of Data and lots of a rather tired looking cast running around. Meh…

The 2007 Bald Staring Competition had only just begun but it was already a doozy!

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  1. Nemesis is an abomination. That’s all there is to it 😛 xx

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