Film study… week 42

Life Is Beautiful

I’m quite embarrassed that I’d never seen this WWII classic and now that I have seen it I can see why it won an Oscar. Roberto Benigni plays Guido Orefice, a hapless Jewish-Italian waiter who uses his charm and wit to win himself the woman of his dreams. Later in life Guido and his family are taken away to a Nazi concentration camp where he manages to convince his young son that they are taking part in a daring game in order to spare the boy from the horrors of their reality. This really is a study in the triumph of the human spirit and the love of a parent for their child. And yes… I cried my eyes out at the end!

No matter how he tried, Guido, just couldn't get the hang of the goosestep!


Another example of good idea, rubbish execution. A young man with a birthmark on his face makes a deal with the devil after discovering that London is full of demons… but as all deals with the devil invariably do it, all goes tits up pretty quickly. There are too many story threads going on here… none of them developed properly. Unless you have a desperate wish to see Jim Sturgess massacring a rent boy wrapped in clingfilm while under the instruction of a small Asian girl (yes really) I probably wouldn’t bother.

Jim found himself with the horrible feeling that the parktown prawns were watching his every move...

Sidewalks of New York

Several New Yorkers try to navigate the confusing swamp that is love. Just watch Sex And The City instead… the series… not the interminable films… and take heart in the fact that if your relationship is as complicated as these people’s or if your life view is as cynical, you probably need therapy…

I'm sorry but I can't take a grown man wearing a baseball cap seriously...

Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo Di Caprio plays legendary real life conman, Frank Abagnale Jnr, who managed to commit over $4m in cheque fraud before his 19th birthday by impersonating a pilot, a doctor, an assistant attorney general and an assistant professor. Tom Hanks (less annoying than usual), as straight laced FBI agent, Carl Hanratty, is the perfect foil to Abagnale’s incredible charm and audacity as he chases him across 26 countries. I genuinely found this entertaining so check it out if you need a good weekend afternoon film.

Big pimping... pilot style!

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  1. Jen

    Catch Me If You Can is such a good film. I love the title sequence. And Life is Beautiful. Tears. Tears everywhere.

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