Film study… week 41

Run Lola Run

This fast-paced German indie thriller (?) stars the gorgeous Franka Potente as Lola, a cyber-slacker desperately trying to find 100,000 Marks in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. Focusing in on a kind of “butterfly effect” theory, this film is a riot of colour and if you can forgive its typical 90’s painful societal commentary, it’s a bit of a visual treat.

The holy cheering squad was not quite what Lola had expected

The Sin Eater

Look, I don’t have a problem with supernatural films but I expect a logical, explained mythology. Stringing a bunch of random crap together and adding some spooky lighting and a creepy religious background does not a thriller make… which is probably why no one has ever heard of this particular Heath Ledger flopzilla. Heath plays a brooding priest who is in love with a woman (Shannyn Sossamon) who tried to kill him while she was possessed (or something). When his mentor is killed he discovers that the order he is part of has been up to naughtiness and the Vatican is out to get them (or something). Plus there’s a guy running around doing weird rituals and sucking people’s sins (which look like jellyfish) out of them. Despite the fact that Heath and Shannon smouldered together in A Knights Tale, they have zero chemistry in this snorefest and it was hard to believe that a man of the cloth would abandon said cloth to consummate such a lustless relationship.

Father O'Flaherty couldn't believe he'd forgotten God's landline number yet again

Sunshine Cleaning

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt play a pair of down-on-their luck sisters (Rose and Norah) who start a business cleaning up after crime scenes in this dark, quirky dramedy. Dealing with the often gruesome deaths of others provides a kind of catharsis for the problems in their own lives including their mothers’ suicide, Norah’s less than satisfactory relationship as well as issues in their relationship with each other.  Adams and Blunt are brilliant but Alan Arkin as their father, steals every scene he is in. If you liked Little Miss Sunshine and Juno you’ll love this, I know I did.

Look, you were the one who wanted to be a smurf for Halloween, you can't back down now!

My Last Five Girlfriends

On the eve of his attempted suicide, Duncan (Brendan Patricks) looks back on his most recent break-up as well as his relationships with his last five girlfriends, using the oddly apt metaphor of an amusement park. If My Last Five Girlfriends was a report card it would read, “can do better.” While the idea is good and the concept is very relatable, Duncan is a bit of a douche and the script is pretty lame. Even at 87 minutes it feels too long.

Behind every posing man there is a posing woman...

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