Wedding support group wanted… brides anonymous anyone?

There are officially 89 days to go until my wedding. How do I know this? Because my wedding website has a counter emblazoned across the top if it that tells me that. I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that we’ve gone from triple figures to single figures. I’m sure when I set the website up it said something mad like 200 days until your wedding.

So far the planning is going well and I am mostly keeping my “flapping” under control. As long as I don’t think about actually having to walk down the aisle with everyone staring me I’m okay. I’m keeping that scenario in a box with a lid marked “do not disturb”.

So far the registry office, wedding venue, invitations, wedding registry, flowers, photography, wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, transport, cake, music and half the suits are done.

Next on the list is the marriage license, bridal accessories, attendant gifts, rounding up everyone’s menu preferences and RSVPs, making menus, table plans and favours… and probably about 20 things I still haven’t realised I have to do…

It’s quite cool having a bridesmaid who is also an upcoming bride as well as two other close friends in the planning stages so we can confer and freak out together. If anyone else is in the throes of planning a wedding and wants to meet up over tequila to discuss it, call me, we’ll set up a support group.

It’s not all drama though… some things are really fun. So far my favourite thing was getting personalised stamps made for our UK invitations. I’m not telling you how I did it because my inner bridezilla is convinced everyone is going to copy me… but this is what our stamps looked like. I have my face on a stamp… therefore I am practically the Queen, right?

The rest of the details will have to wait until after the wedding. It wouldn’t be any fun if there weren’t any surprises, would it?

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  1. Love these stamps! 😀

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