Film Study… Week 36

Film 4

Filmed by his brother and a friend, photographer, Nev Schulman, befriends a family online. As they become closer and closer he starts to develop an romance with the oldest daughter but after one shocking night Nev realises everything is not quite what it seems and decides the only way to figure out what’s really going on is to go and look up his “friends” in person. This little documentary will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out the truth and make you question exactly who you should be sympathising with. Brilliant!

I don't care what you say, my cyber girlfriend is not an overweight trucker called, Butch!

How To Lose Friends and Alienate People
Film 4

Sean Pegg plays a celebrity obsessed journalist recruited to work on a high profile magazine in New York… despite behaving like a total knob at every opportunity. When he finally starts playing the game and becomes successful he quickly realises he’d give up all the glitz and the glamour for his integrity… and Kirsten Dunst. Meh…

The moment Simon Pegg realised Shaun Of The Dead would probably be the height of his career

Sky movies

In this visually dazzling historical Chinese action drama, warrior Nameless (Jet Li) recounts the story of how he killed three legendary assassins seeking to murder Qin, the most powerful Warlord in pre-unified China. Qin is unconvinced of his prowess and slowly but surely coaxes the real story out of Nameless through a series of eye-meltingly beautiful flashbacks. Almost too beautiful to describe. If you’re someone who cares about cinematography this is a must-see.

I'm gonna stab you up, innit?

Source: Sky Movies

In this futuristic film, humans live plugged into chairs, operating beautiful, sophisticated robots who live out their lives for them. When two surrogates are destroyed by a weapon that also kills their human operators, FBI agents, Greer (Bruce Willis) and Peters (Radha Mitchell) investigate unaware that they’re about to uncover a conspiracy with more twists in it than a twisty thing. This throws up all manner of interesting moral questions, least of all, why does Bruce Willis look so weird with hair…

Maureen was starting to regret going for the cut-price facelift

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