Film Study… week 35

Hot Tub Time Machine
Source: Sky Movies

Three estranged childhood friends and one of their nephews reunite for a trip to the ski resort they loved in the 80’s. When their hot tub malfunctions they are sent back in time, and into their old bodies, to relive the weekend that shaped their futures. This film is every bit as silly as it sounds but surprisingly funnier than you’d expect. I wouldn’t rush out and watch it again but it didn’t make me want to turn off the telly.

I have a can of Whip Ass and I'm not afraid to open it!

Last Samurai
Source: Film 4

Most of the time Tom Cruise is pretty annoying but he is actually quite compelling as a bitter alcoholic Civil War Veteran, hired to be a military adviser to the Japanese government. Captured by the Samurai rebels he is supposed to be fighting, he finds himself enraptured by their dedication and stoicism. Cruise is completely out-acted by the fabulous Ken Wanatabe and the Hollywood sheen that’s been slapped over the top of this means it’s no Kurosawa, but altogether very engrossing.


William & Kate
Source: Channel 5

When William and Kate first got engaged some genius Americans decided to (very quickly) make a film version of the “romance of the century” and William & Kate is the dastardly result. Playing so fast and loose with the facts that the so called fairy tale seems more Gossip Girl than Royal , this is definitely veering into so bad it’s good territory. That’s only if you can look past the cheesy dialogue, the bad CGI-ed backdrops, the somewhat Australian sounding accents, Wills sporting rather a lot more hair than we’re used to and the representation of AFRICA as a concept rather than a continent.  My biggest concern is that some of our Yankee friends might just think this is a documentary.

Kate couldn't help but be amused when she thought about Wills' real hair

Source: Cinema

I have vague memories of seeing the original Arthur as a child but the details are completely furry so I’m not going to attempt a compare and contrast. In the updated version Russell Brand plays Arthur Bach the alcoholic, playboy heir of an innumerable fortune. When his mother (Geraldine James) becomes tired of his childish behaviour she insists that he marry his ambitious ex-girlfriend, Susan (Jennifer Garner) or face losing his fortune. Unfortunately Arthur has fallen in love with illegal tour guide, Naomi (the charming, Greta Gerwig) and has no intention of growing up. Brand is as always playing himself and Jennifer Garner is obviously having a whale of a time playing against type but it’s Helen Mirren who unsurprisingly steals the show as Arthur’s nanny, Hobson. I know this has been slammed but there are moments of real hilarity and I found the whole thing rather sweet.

The New York crowd were unphased by Arthur's attempts to stand out, after all they had played host to Borat

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