Film Study… week 32

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1
Source: In-flight movie

Yes I know I should have seen this on the big screen… no judging! Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the run from good old Voldy, hiding out in the forest and hunting horuxes as their last hope of destroying him. Action-packed, dark and pretty scary (I’m talking about the snake bit here), we’re left with a massive cliff-hanger (well for those who haven’t read the books). It’s definitely a step in the right direction after the less than stellar interpretations of the last two instalments and I absolutely can’t wait for part two!

Stay back! I know you've got the ginger curse!


Winter’s Bone
Source: Tesco DVD Rental

Ree, a seventeen year old girl from the remote Ozark mountains (Jennifer Lawrence) is faced with losing the house she shares with her catatonic mother and younger siblings, after her drug addict father fails to show up for a bail hearing. Desperate to keep her family together she breaks every social rule of her tight-knit community to find him, risking her life in the process. Bleak and unflinching this Oscar nominee paints a very dark portrait of the “forgotten USA” far from the picture Hollywood likes to portray.

And the Winner of Best Go Fuck Yourself Expression in a Motion Picture goes to Jennifer Lawrence

Sucker Punch
Source: Cinema

The concept of a young woman escaping to an inner fantasy world as a coping strategy to deal with the horror of being locked up in a mental institution is a really good one. Deciding to execute that concept with the aim of pleasing as many teenage boys with ADHD as possible… less good. The most disappointing thing about this film is not the dire acting, the terrible dialogue or the boring action sequences but rather the lack of character development and the squandering of so much potential. Skip the film and buy the soundtrack instead. That, at least, is banging!

The Saturdays were surprised to find that their new "Nazi Bitch" makeover wasn't going down well with the 8 - 12s

The Rocker
Source: Sky

Aging drummer, “Fish” (The Office US’ Rainn Wilson) has never grown up or forgiven his chart-topping former band, Vesuvius (watch out for a barely recognisable Bradley Cooper as guitarist, Trash) for kicking him out. When he joins his teenage nephew, Matt’s band (the shockingly named, ADD), he gets a second chance at fame, but has he changed at all? The script probably could have been knocked out in an afternoon and it’s jam-packed with clichés but it’s amusing enough to keep you interested for the running time as long as you ignore the plot holes…

I'm telling you, it's this big. I make Tommy Lee look like an earthworm

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