Film study… week 29

Source: Borrowed from a colleague

Neurotic failed musician Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) borrows his brother’s house in LA with the intention of doing nothing and reconnecting with some old friends. It’s not long before he finds that he has no longer has anything in common with  his friends but that he has unavoidable chemistry with his brother’s doormat personal assistant, Florence (Greta Gerwig). This film is well-made, well-acted and well-written and probably has the best performance from Rhys Ifans (as Greenberg’s “best friend”) that I’ve seen yet but I can’t say I enjoyed it. It was so cringe-inducing awkward and Greenberg so unlikeable that I was relieved when it came to its abrupt end.

I don't care how what you do, I'm not doing Blue Steel!


Source: Tesco DVD Rental

If you’re going to make a film shot entirely in a coffin with one actor, it has to be a cracker and this is. Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), a US truck driver working in Iraq, is kidnapped and finds himself buried underground with nothing but a mobile phone and a lighter facing limited time to figure out where he is and how to get out. The pace is blistering and just when you think they can’t possibly do anything more with the meagre set something explosive happens. Keeps you guessing to the very end.

Paul's luxury cabin on EasyCruise was not quite what he'd expected

Doctor Who: The Movie

Source: Borrowed from Paul’s family

Paul convinced me that I should watch this with him since he had never seen it. I now wish I had never seen it. The seventh doctor (Sylvester McCoy) is en route to return the body of The Master to Gallifrey when the Tardis goes off-course crashing to earth in San Francisco,1999. A failed operation causes him to regenerate into Paul McGann and attempt to chase down The Master who is not dead… just possessing the body of Eric Roberts. So bad it physically hurt. Apparently this was made when the BBC stopped commissioning Doctor Who in an attempt to get the Americans to buy it. Not hard to see why they decided not to!

I'll be back!


Source: Tesco DVD Rental

An ex-CIA agent regarded Retired and Extremely Dangerous (Bruce Willis) discovers that he’s now on the CIA’s hit list and has endangered a woman (Mary Louise Parker) on whom he has a telephone crush. Not willing to go quietly into the night, he kidnaps his prospective girlfriend for her own safety and rounds up his old cronies including Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, playing an agent who has had LSD tested on him and Helen Mirren playing a glam ex-Mi6 agent; and mounts a defence. As this was adapted from a comic it manages to be both hilarious and action-packed and John Malkovich steals every scene he’s in. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

The Hollowod legends fancy dress extravaganza was not going according to plan

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