Film Study – Week 26

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This biopic about former US President George W. Bush Jnr (Josh Brolin) follows his life from his wild college days through to his two terms as the “leader of the free world”. In this outing he is portrayed as being stuck in his father’s shadow, constantly seeking approval with his good attentions manipulated by unscrupulous advisors. It was hardly riveting but still an interesting look at one of the most controversial leaders in US history.

Colin wasn't sure about Dubya's newly appointed congressmen but on the other hand at least they were more attractive than Condoleeza Rice

Source: SFX Weekender

Aliens land on earth and suck humans into a glowing blue light when not swallow their brains into their giant face vaginas. The first two minutes were oh-so promising but when your intense invasion drama has a room full of hardened sci-fi fans in hysterics… something might have gone wrong. With cringe worthy dialogue, diabolical acting and plot holes so big you could drive a tank through them, this definitely lands in the so bad it’s bloody brilliant pile.

Eventually Jarrod had to admit that maybe he had spent too much time in front of the X-box

Source: SFX Weekender

Six years after an alien invasion, half of Mexico is closed off as an infected quarantine zone. When photographer, Kaulder (Scoot McNairy) is charged with shepherding his boss’ daughter, Sam (Whitney Able) home from Mexico, a series of misadventures forces them to place their hands in the lives of the locals and travel through the infected zone. More about the chemistry between the leads and the concept of the USA closing itself off from the “threat” down south than the aliens, this film really works the atmosphere angle. Definitely worth a watch.

Kaulder sincerely hoped that the picture on the cantina wall was not intended to depict the cooking method of the "squid special"

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Source: SFX Weekender

Geeky rocker, Scott (Michael Cera) falls for enigmatic, uber-cool indie queen, Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and then discovers that he will have to fight her seven evil exes in order to be with her. Not being a gamer or a comic aficionado I spent the first half an hour thinking this is silly! before I totally fell for it. The supporting cast is excellent and the idea of representing dealing with someone’s baggage as a series of battles is inspired. Love, love, love!

The members of the Witby First Presbyterian Church had expected the Angel Of Death to be a little more imposing

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  1. Jen

    So much love for Scott Pilgrim. Can’t believe you haven’t seen it till now! Wallace is so brilliant, and Todd! Veganhenge! Joy! Yeah, I’ve watched it far too much.

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