Film Study – week 23

17 Again

Source: Tesco DVD Rental
Even I need a little bit of silliness on occasion and I have a soft spot for teen movies. Mike O’Donnell’s life hasn’t quite turned out as he planned. His wife is about to leave him, he’s out of touch with his children and his promising basketball career has come to nothing. So when he wakes up to find out he is 17 Again and implausibly looks like Zac Efron, he decides to make the most of it. Average and predictable with occasional hints of funny.

What do you mean I'm going to look like Matthew Perry when I grow up? Where exactly is my chin going to go?


Source: Tesco DVD Rental
Liev Schreiber, Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell play three Byelorussian Jewish brothers who set up a camp in a forest during the Second World War, hiding from and fighting the Nazis. While this is supposedly based on a true story, I couldn’t help but keep asking myself questions like, where did the wood-burning stoves come from?? And Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell are just too English to be passable Russian Jews. After having watching European war cinema, this just didn’t measure up.

I love you... but not as much as gun... which is why I take her to Miami and you are staying in forest!

Inglourious Basterds

Source: Paul’s DVD collection
Ever wondered what the Second World War would have been like if Tarantino directed it? Well Brad Pitt would have run a crack team of violent action hero American Jews on a mission to wipe out the Fuhrer, Hitler would have worn a cape and the biggest plot in history would have taken place in an obscure French cinema. Weird, convoluted and absolutely hilarious!

Right, we're ready, bring out the Parktown prawn!

Source: Paul’s DVD collection
This documentary follows the fortunes of two rival 90’s American indie rock bands, The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. While the BJM, fronted by the brilliant Anton Newcombe, are arguably the better band, they are plagued by Anton’s manic self-destructive behaviour, allowing the more stable Dandy’s achieve major success mostly through the powerful musical influence of BJM. A fascinating look into the music industry and the psyche of a musician with “godlike genius” but the inability to interact with the real world.

Dude, your face is all like whoaaa!

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