Pre-Xmas cheer with a heavy side of gloom

We’ve reached that time of the year where being in the office becomes a trial of willpower. The Christmas party has come and gone with all its unwanted revelations, fisticuffs, inappropriate outfits and brief romantic entanglements. The people who have children have taken leave and anyone who lives even slightly out of London has been snowed in.

And so the rest of us sit, pretending to work… grasping to find anything to do that will get us out of that horrible admin we’ve been putting off as something to do over the quiet Christmas period… some of it left over from last year when it turned out that actually spending three days looking up recipes and sending long, rambling emails to your friends around the world was a more constructive use of your time.

Once again it has snowed just enough to be annoying. Sarah and my planned trip to Cardiff was called off for the weekend and we are all surrounded by mountains of grey slush and painful train delays. However if you live within the boundaries of London, the trip to work is perfectly possible if not irritating. If it must snow I want a total white-out!

The upside of the cancelled journey was that we got to attend Jenn’s annual holiday baking party, which basically involves making and decorating a zillion cookies… well the ones that don’t get eaten before they have a chance for decoration.  I’ve nicked some pics from Helen that show the general chaos. A good time was very obviously had by all and massive thanks to Jenn, Claire and Sarah for letting us turn their kitchen into a bakery.

ACTION! Frank and I are in the background obiously having an odd conversation of some sort

Not sure if we're helping or hindering here...

Intense concentration

The house that Ab built... well... decorated anyway

Now we wait to find out if there will be more snow and we’ll all be stranded for Xmas… fingers crossed kids…

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