From the zombies with love

Last night Dawn and I had our joint 30th at Lost Angel in Battersea. Although I don’t turn 30 until next Saturday with Halloween falling between our two birthdays and with our shared love of dressing up, it seemed like the perfect night to stage our birthday extravaganza.

The theme for this year’s craziness was famous dead people as zombies and boy did our legion of guests outdo themselves. Dawn and I were Mary Reid and Cleopatra respectively but we got a real run for our money with the costumes and in-between the four Audrey Hepburns, two Jackie O’s, two Al Capones and one Osama Bin Laden (post American capture), I have to take my hat off to Bobby’s sister, Kim, who actually had a missing EYE!

 It was a wonderful night and Dawn and I are truly blessed to have so many amazing friends come to celebrate with us and I want to send out a heartfelt thanks to everyone who came. You guys all rock. Apart from my wonderful partner in crime, Dawn, there are two people I need to say a special thank-you to… Wilhelm, who completely surprised me by showing up and who I managed to recognise despite his full face mask and Michele, who handmade every millimetre of our deliciously scary red velvet zombie cake. Everyone was blown away. If you ever want a celebration cake, trust me, you need to call Michele. 

I was utterly spoilt and spent today putting together the amazing cake stand Paul, Michele, Ryan and Yvonne got me. It’s a handmade one off made from vintage, salvaged plates. It’s one of the most personal, thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. And also playing with the remote control Dalek I got from Sarah… I love that it randomly shouts out commands at me. I’m half worried that it’s latently intelligent. Also showing just how well they know me, Justin, Alex, Gus, Lorraine, Sean, Pip and Amy got me a gift voucher for the Jamie Oliver shop… oh where to even start deciding what to get!?!?

So here are just a few of my favourite pics… the overriding theme you’ll find here is that I am surprisingly good at looking dead and evil!­­

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