The end of an era…

On Sunday I moved out of the house I lived in for over three years. It feels like the end of an era. I still remember the day Dawn, Justin, Barbara and I amalgamated our households and took over the rambling three story four bedroom old terraced house as if it were yesterday. Not to mention our massive excitement over having a dishwasher, THREE bathrooms and garden furniture.

Over the years I changed rooms… I changed housemates and the home went through several eras from the little family we started out with, to the infamous Playboy mansion , the eventual arrival of A BOY and then the last six months where I was the last original housemate standing.

The house is full of great memories. Barb and I cooking up various storms in the kitchen, Justin’s old old pasta moment, the Dirty Pirate Hooker Party, the impromptu pool party, the orphans Christmases and the Secret Vegetarian festive dinners and all the girly gossip sessions. I remember the great snow bunny adventure and all the fancy dress parties. I remember Em and my mouse hunting adventures and Buffy sessions and every weird and wonderful thing Wilhelm ever cooked.

It wasn’t always wonderful… sometimes we fought. Sometimes we cried and sometimes mold grew out of the walls. The foxes ate the rubbish, the gas bills almost crippled us and we spilled wine on absolutely possible surface but it was always home  and often the hub of all our social activities and the last few weeks I’ve spent packing up all of my possessions has been really emotional.

I want to say thank-you to everyone I lived with on Astonville Street no matter how long or short Barb, Justin, Dawn, Adam, Alex, Vickie, Kelly, Candy, Wilhelm , Emily and Tyrone. It will always be one of the happiest times of my life.

And now onto a whole new phase of my life. After a short sojourn with Kelly, Sue and Marko who are kindly allowing me to invade their home, I will be co-habiting with a boy… in a one bedroom situation… like a real grown-up. Who would ever have believed it?

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