Film study… week 21

A biopic about biologist, Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson), who became fascinated with the field of sexual research, leading to the publication of one of the first works in which science addresses sexual behaviour as well as the Kinsey sexuality scale. Kinsey’s obsession with the scientific side of sex as well as his exploration of his own sexual appetites is fascinating. Worth checking out.

I told you we should spring for the extra large condoms, dear!

La Battaglia Di Algerie
A study of the decade leading up to Algieria’s independence from France in 1962 with a focus on the Muslim leaders of the revolution during occupation. What makes this film really interesting is the absolute matter-of-fact way that it presents something that would have been turned into some kind of hero-epic if Hollywood ever got its hands on it. It makes everything seem very real and tangible. Very thought provoking.

Mom, how many times to I have to tell you, you don't have to bring your gun to the supermarket!

La Haine
A young Parisian man lies in hospital after an act of police brutality in the French equivalent of a council estate, while his friends (lead by a very Young Vincent Cassel) stalk the streets having found the missing gun of a cop the night before. Dark, gritty and intense. Hubert Koundé completely steals the show as a tough boxer, wrestling with his own conscience.

Is this the face that inspired Shrek?

Ladri Di Biciclette
When a desperate man finally finds a job in post-war Rome, that requires him to have a bicycle, his wife pawns their sheets for him to get it. His hope of dragging his family out of poverty is crushed, when a day into the job, the bicycle is stolen and he takes to the streets with his young son, Bruno, to try and find it. It sounds so simple, but this film is absolutely stunning. The little boy who plans Bruno is incredible.

Don't tell your mom, but today I think we should take the bicycle and ride dirty!

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