This weekend, Barbara moves out of the Playboy Mansion and into a lovely new home with the wonderful Hilton. After almost three years of co-habitation it’s going to be a massive adjustment not living with Barb and the thought is actually quite daunting.

I think we’ve become something of a terrible twosome on the scene always getting up to some kind of random adventure from glam nights out, to bikinis in the snow to wandering the aisles of Sainsbury’s deciding what to have for dinner.

I’m going to miss the ciggies and the glasses of wine and the “how does this outfit look” fashion show every time we get ready to get out. I’m even going to miss speaking “Afrikaans” to Barb but most of all I think I’m going to miss having her always there only a few doors down from me. So Barb, I have to say… I don’t really have enough words to describe this, but thanks for EVERYTHING.

Even though I will now be the last original housemate standing and I’m going to have to start cooking for myself, all is not lost. Barb and Hilt will only be down the road and I still have the fabulous Kelly and Wilhelm to keep me company. Not to mention we’re about to welcome a new housemate into the fold… hello, Emily… I hope you’ve brought your dancing shoes…


  1. Abbi

    Hahaha… no, a new one!

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