Neon Highwire @ Mother 333

Last night B and I headed to Mother 333 in Shoreditch to catch former work colleague, Steve-o’s new band play their first gig.

After getting lost on the way there (god knows how, since it was on the same road as the station), we came upon the club, which I’m convinced was someone’s house not that long ago. It’s got this oddly vintage front room feel to it, that’s really quite funky. It was also really quite empty as the first band, Radio Disorder, finished their set. I can’t speak for the beginning of the set but the end sounded like music to kill yourself to. I’d describe it as a mournful drone and suggest that the band change their name to Radio Dirge.

After that yokozuna, burst onto the stage in weird masks and plunged us back into 90’s grunge. They had some spectacular basslines and it was a whole lot more lively than Radio Dirge. The band was certainly enjoying themselves and they ended the set with their drummer stage diving… well stage leaping into the waiting arms of his friend.

By the time Toodar arrived, we were having a little work reunion since Z and Danny who were part of my crew about 3 years ago. Fun times! I can’t say the same for Toodar though. Their electro-pop David Gray-esque meander was so boring that halfway through the entire audience seemed to have forgotten they were playing and started chatting amongst themselves.

Neon Highwire, on the other hand had everyone bouncing around from the moment they started playing. They’ve got a crazy kind of electro-dance-funk noise going on that somehow kept reminding me of the Mighty Boosh. It is only enhanced by the leaping around and flailing of the band members and we have to give a special shout out to Steve-o’s boiler suit, Kanye West, flashing belt combo. A couple of songs in, Zarina and I had invented a sort of dance routine and were embarrassing not only each other but everyone around us. Technical difficulties did nothing to damp anyone’s enthusiasm but it did add to the banter. So yay for Neon Highwire and when are you playing again?

Unfortunately, B and I had to beat a hasty retreat when the set ended. I’ve got to say the area between Hoxton and Old Street becomes very seedy at night and we were briefly followed by a man trying to feed us his chips. Hmm… back to Camden for me I think.

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