Notorious T.A.T.

I popped into Self Sacrifice yesterday to let Cèsar get a look at his handiwork now that the tattoo is very much on the healing stretch. You’ve got to realise that you may have spent too much time in a tattoo shop when everyone greets you with such warmth as you arrive. Cèsar of course got me to lift up my top so he could see how the tattoo was doing, what I hadn’t expected was for him to call around another four of the (male) tattoo artists to join in the inspection. It’s not everyday you end up with five men intently examining your naked stomach and nattering away to each other in Portuguese. And may I say the examination involved quite a lot of touching. Strangely it was not awkward at all. I suppose to them my stomach is a piece of art rather than a body part. You will all be glad to know that it is healing well but will need a couple of touch ups when I get back from Aus. I left with many hugs and much love and a request to bring gifts from my holiday. Cheeky!

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