Put another shrimp on the barbie… I’m on my way to Austria!*

I am so excited… I went to pick up my passport from the Sorting Office yesterday (after missing a delivery) and glued neatly inside it is… an Australian visitor’s visa. Yup, that’s right… the terrible twosome of Jen and Abbi will be together once again when I head to Sydney on 9 April.

Since before Jen’s trip to London, she and I have been plotting and planning a trip to Sydney for me… and today it all finally became a reality. Because I am still cursed to be travelling on a South African passport (not that I think being South African is in any way a curse… it’s just the obstacles that come with the passport that are exhausting and expensive), I was forced to get a full visa (if you are European or American you can get a speedy online one). I sent off all the documents about two weeks ago and I’ve been frantically waiting for the return of my passport by post. The whole process made me nervous because the idea of surrendering my travel documents to Royal Mail horrifies me and I had many nightmares where they got lost and I was stuck in a foreign country with no visa so a massive sigh of relief was breathed when the parcel slip came through the door yesterday.

Of course step two was booking a flight. I managed to get a good deal on United Airlines via San Fran on the way there and LA on the way back… stroke of luck in this case that I have a valid US visitor’s visa because you cannot even transit in the States without one. Next option would have added £60 to the cost of the ticket. The weird thing is that because I am flying “backwards” the time differences are mind-boggling. On the way there, I leave SF at 10pm on Thursday and then arrive in Sydney at 6am on SATURDAY. An entire day disappears… I know I should be over the wonder of time differences by now but I swear by the time I land I’m not going to know if I’m Bruce or Sheila!

Needless to say Jen and I are already making many lists of things we want to do while I’m there. I think our lists are probably a bit different from the standard tourist ones since they include things like “watch Torchwood season 2” and “general fangirling”.

For those who are interested in the tattoo, it is healing nicely although it is now at the super sexy stage where it sheds bits of multicoloured scab and itches as if I have a flea infestation. At least tonight the Clingfilm comes off and I can stop feeling like a human sandwich!

*Disclaimer: before you all comment me and tell me I’ve made a mistake… I haven’t. It’s a reference to the first scene in Dumb And Dumber


  1. Hey abs. Thats great news about Sydney:) You are going to love it.
    Thats awesome that you get to fly through the states. Are you stopping over?
    Sorry I haven’t been able to chat. Damn gala and netball tournament are exhausting me! Chat to you next week:)

  2. Jen

    GLEE! Just. Glee. Then it’s my turn to come visit you again 😀

    I attended a lecture tonight on multimodal storytelling and “alternate comics” and one of the panelists talked about the term “fanboy”…I was secretly glee-ing the entire time, I mean hell, we’re only too familiar with the sensation lol

  3. I love Sydney. I’ve lived in Australia all my life and I have no desire to leave!

    You’ll love it here!

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