I got skillz

Ever wondered what your skills would look like if they were put together like a blog tag cloud with your strongest skills the biggest and your “development areas” less prominent in size? Well IT recruitment site, CWJobs.co.uk thought their jobseekers might like to see their super-geek skills like C++ and Java (which is not average grade and a cup of coffee) in this unique format so they created this little site where you can make your skills cloud and put it on a t-shirt. Of course I don’t have any geek skills so I made my own skills cloud. It looks like this.

Abbi's skills cloud

Turns out some of the CWJobbers thought it would be kind of fun to see what some famous people would look like if you put together their skills cloud and thus the birth of ifeveryoneworetheirskillscloud.com. These are a couple of my favourite incarnations.


Also of course I couldn’t resist doing one for my favourite celeb Leona Lewis. Clearly Photoshop is not big on my skills cloud.


I challenge my fellow bloggers and anyone else who might be interested to create their own skills cloud and/or one for one of their favourite celebs and send me some linkage. Come on, Dom… I know you have a Boris one in you…


  1. Hahahaha you come up with the strangest things. I will definitely be making some skill clouds, this is random enough to entertain me for ages….

    Also, the flying shoe sidestep? Gold.

  2. You baited me into doing a bad thing 😐

    (A pleasurable thing, nonetheless… :P)

  3. Tash

    Leona Lewis is actually beyond incredible at being BORING AS HELL!! So true xxx

  4. I lolled at this! See my attempt over at mine. xxx

  5. […] If Paris Hilton wore her skills cloud t-shirt… I had so much fun making Leona Lewis’ skills cloud t-shirt last week that I’ve decided to do a weekly celeb skills cloud. This week we have the “lovely” Paris Hilton. You can check out more skills clouds t-shirts at ifeveryoneworetheirskillscloud.com. Or join the facebook group and post your own. Not sure what I’m going on about? Check this out… […]

  6. […] really shouldn’t let Abbi bait me – it unleashes my nasty […]

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