There ain’t no rest for the wicked and money don’t grow on trees – 2008 highs and lows

It has come to that time of the year where I must do Abbi’s best of for 2008. It is inevitable and very necessary. Of course, I would love, in response your best of’s too. Mine are (unsurprisingly) mostly music related but feel free to make yours about whatever it is that excites you! As always mine are not in order. I don’t like picking amongst my favourites.

Top 10 albums
Suuuch a good year for amazing albums. I could easily have had a top 15 or even 20. But these are my absolute favourites.

  1. Only By The Night, Kings Of Leon
  2. Texas, PlayRadioPlay!
  3. Pretty.Odd, Panic At The Disco
  4. Cage The Elephant, Cage The Elephant
  5. Fast Times At Barrington High, The Academy Is…
  6. Avalon, Anthony Green
  7. Smart Casual, Kids In Glass Houses
  8. Partie Tramatic, Black Kids
  9. The Raconteurs, Consolers Of The Lonely
  10. The Subways, All Or Nothing
Only By The Night

Only By The Night album cover

Top 10 songs
Ok, here I’ve gone only for songs that I remember being actual singles released in 2008… or it just gets nuts… and here I could have had 50 easily…

  1. Gives You Hell, The All American Rejects
  2. No Rest For Wicked, Cage The Elephant
  3. Sex On Fire, Kings Of Leon
  4. Give Me What I Want, Kids In Glass Houses
  5. About A Girl, The Academy Is…
  6. Kids, MGMT
  7. Propane Nightmares, Pendulum
  8. I Don’t Care, Fall Out Boy
  9. Mirrors, Envy On The Coast
  10. Mountains, Biffy Clyro

Aint No Rest For The Wicked video still

Top 10 discoveries
These are the new bands I found and fell in love with in 2008. I’m only listing bands that have one (or none as yet) full-length albums out and who I hadn’t heard of pre-2008.

  1. Envy On The Coast
  2. Cage The Elephant
  3. MGMT
  4. Black Kids
  5. Twin Atlantic
  6. Kids In Glass Houses
  7. Mayday Parade
  8. PlayRadioPlay!
  9. The Brute Chorus
  10. Zebra & Giraffe

Special mentions: The Higher, Sam Sparro, King Blues, Anthony Green, Desmond & The TuTu’s

Envy On The Coast

Envy On The Coast

Top 10 gigs

  1. Yup, I’ve been to enough gigs that I can have a top 10…
  2. Kings Of Leon, Wembley Arena, December
  3. Reel Big Fish, Astoria, March
  4. Cage The Elephant, The Forum, November
  5. Aiden, Astoria, April
  6. Armor For Sleep, Monto Water Rats, May
  7. Chiodos, Barfly, May
  8. The Raconteurs, Hammersmith Apollo, May
  9. The Subways, Brixton, October
  10. Enter Shikari, Astoria, November
  11. Twin Atlantic, Barfly, December
My Passion live at The Underworld

My Passion live at The Underworld

Top 7 films
These are the only 7 good films I can remember seeing in 2008… I’m pretty sure there were more and probably better ones than these that I never got around to seeing…

  1. Juno
  2. Dark Knight
  3. No Country For Old Men
  4. Australia
  5. Atonement
  6. Sweeney Todd
  7. Horton Hears A Who
Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

Highlights of 2008
The things that made me glad to be alive in 2008…

  • Meeting Jen face-to-face
  • Kelly and Michelle moving into the Playboy Mansion
  • Starting my first novel and writing 50,000 words in under 5 months
  • Reading and Download Festivals and all the gigs
  • My encounter with Envy On The Coast as well as meeting Craig Owens, Mat Devine (again), Shaant Hacikyan, Ben Jorgensen, Sam McTrusty, Adam Lazzara, Simon Rowlands and Noel Fielding (despite being hideously embarrassing)
  • All the crazy fancy dress parties
  • Barak Obama
  • Sailing around Croatia
  • Visiting my friends and family in SA and gaining a new cousin when Roy and Anneke got married
  • Movember and my moustache day
The Dirty Pirate Hooker Party

The Dirty Pirate Hooker Party

Of course not everything goes well so…

Lowlights of 2008

  • Losing two very dear friends, Kirsten and Jen
  • The unfortunate passing of my beloved kitty, Freely
  • The Credit Crunch
  • Heath Ledger’s overdose
  • All the gigs I missed when I was in SA
  • Getting new housemates means losing old ones… saying goodbye to Justin, Dawn and Adam
  • My brother leaving London
  • Leona Lewis
I love Photoshop...

I love Photoshop...

So that’s me for 2008… tell me what got you excited whether it’s the best games, biggest political upsets or the biggest celebrity gaffes… or blog/write a facebook note and I’ll link ya up.  Here are some of my friends from the facebook/blogosphere’s lists, reviews and quizzes.

And of course one must look both forward and back…

Things I can’t wait for in 2009

  • Finding out which of my favourite bands going to release new albums and consequently tour. Hotly anticipated: debut albums from Twin Atlantic and My Passion (finally) and a new album from Boys Like Girls
  • Visiting Jen in Aus and my brother in Dubai
  • New Doctor Who specials
  • Finishing Lucy Gray
  • Festival season and finding out the Download and Reading line-ups
  • Skins Season 3
  • New tattoos…
  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
  • Nights, days and all kinds of moments with all my amazing friends and family (that’s you guys…)

Skins season 3 promo pic

Skins season 3 promo pic


  1. I supremely suck at these list things. I can never seem to remember what I actually did during the year, and I can never remember what books/movies/albums were actually released in 2008. Sigh. No concept of time.

  2. Abbi

    Oh this required extensive trawling of a year’s worth of blogs and my gig listings. Without these I would have struggled. It was laborious but worthwhile. Feels like I’ve tied up the year now!

  3. Saoirse

    Regarding the Doctor Who specials: they are hardly anything to look forward to! Instead of a few months of occasionally intelligent, and often well-written half-hour episodes, we’re getting four OTT extravaganzas which simply are not DW at its best. Dammit, I’m looking forward to 2010: Moffat!

    (Why do I care quite so much?)

    Happy new year!

  4. Abbi

    You care… as do I and Jen and Dom and various other people because The Doctor’s struggle to overcome his broken heart, endless solitude and otherness and having to keep saving a planet that really should be allowed to blow up, captures our hearts… and because we are complete geeks. But that is secondary. I would much rather have a full set of 13 Moffat episodes but I have severe Doctor Who withdrawal and even the overblown extravaganzas will go someway to soothing my soul as long as they get our Dave (and whoever ends up being the new Doctor) on my screen. I do look forward to a proper season in 2010 though.

    Will I see you at Sexfest?

  5. Saoirse

    I will be at sexfest- and it’s the first year that I get to call it that. Previously, I had to say “genderfest,” which I actually likemore for the sociological implications. 😛

    Okay, okay. That sounds reasonable. (And isn’t it oh so very odd that they only really deal with Earth or other human planets? (although my! are they ever inconsitent about how many new planets they’ve been on.))

  6. A Doctor Who debate in Abbi’s comment pages? Truly, 2008 *has* been a wonderful year! 😀 See you all at SexFest! xx

  7. Thats what I love about Who fandom, debates come so easily. I’ll give a list a shot, can’t promise I’ll finish it though

  8. Lucy

    To escape from Doctor Who a moment..



  9. Tash

    I attempted a 2008 roundup here……:
    happy new year! hope sexfest was fun xxxxx

  10. Belatedly, I too lack the ability for an annual roundup, but I want to poke and correct you – Cage The Elephant was at Scala, not The Forum! Silly!

  11. Bri the larger

    love the king blues – bringing the passion back

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