You wear your skin like it’s too tight

I have a message for anyone who is considering getting a tattoo. If you are worried about the pain of actually getting tattooed, well really, this is the least of your worries. What you actually need to be concerned about is the healing process. As the tattoo on my leg is my fifth, I felt like I was going in knowing what to expect. The initial constant ache and sting was not too bad even though it was on a much grander scale than the previous tattoos, being about 6 times the size of the next biggest. The itching has now set in and I am actually struggling with my sanity. My entire lower right leg is on fire… 24 hours a day. Under absolutely no circumstances can there be any scratching. Since the itch is the result of what is essentially a scab, scratching would be very painful and if you scratch and the scab comes off before it is ready, you end up with an uneven, patchy tattoo. Of course this is all very worth it but if you see me twitching, you will know why. If I ever had to torture anyone… like Kylie maybe or James Blunt… I’d want to give them something that made them itch all over and unable to scratch… I think they’d confess to crimes against music pretty quickly.

I spent the day with Josh and Sanna yesterday. Josh decided that I needed to be introduced to Father Ted, which is a cult comedy series about a trio of Irish priests banished to Craggy Isle after various transgressions. One of the priests is a complete simpleton, the other is a deranged elderly alcoholic and the third has a bit of a gambling problem. It took me a while to get into and it is magnificently surreal but once I did, I couldn’t stop giggling. We rounded off the evening with dinner at the Corrib. It was exactly what I needed to round off what turned out to be a very bizarre weekend.

Today’s obsession is Pirates Of The Caribbean. I don’t any of us realised how badly we all wanted to abandon our day jobs to become pirates and sail the high seas until this Disney extravaganza (based on an amusement park ride) hit the screens. I suppose the story is less important but it starts out with cursed pirates looking for the lost son of a dead crew member in order to spill his blood and end said curse. From there it goes off on a bizarre tangent that has so far spawned three films filled with mad characters and ever more outlandish special effects and storylines. What makes POTC special is one simple thing. Captain Jack Sparrow. Played by Johnny Depp, Jack is irreverent, witty, regularly confused, superbly lucky, self-serving, charming and probably one of the coolest movie characters of all time. Women want him, men want to be him. Johnny plays him with the same style as a drug addled rock star and his endlessly quotable lines (“Why is all the rum gone?”) and lovable rogue quality is irresistible. We all know the upcoming fourth film will be a debacle in terms of plot but I guarantee you we’ll all be there opening week just to catch a glimpse of Jack.

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  1. Jack Sparrooooooow!

    Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow.
    I don’t see your ship Captain.
    I’m in the market, as it were.

    Best obsession EVERRR. Caps lock cannot express fangirly glee 😀

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