Boxed and coned

I was supposed to have a quiet night last night, right? So I could recover my cold. So how did I end up in the Puzzle at 1am leaping around to Biffy Clyro… but let’s rewind…

I decided to go out for a couple of drinks after work for Karen’s farewell and somehow ended up making her leaving speech. I don’t think that was how it was supposed to go down at all but I was volunteered and Karen rocks, so it had to be done. I just hope I sounded ok because I had about three minutes notice.

I don’t go out with my work friends often but whenever I do go for drinks I remember why it’s so much fun. I don’t know how many people I had to show my tattoo to or how many free drinks I got but by 8pm I had had a singing voicemail from Kelly and decided it was time to see what they were up to in Tower Hill.

Don, Kels, Cands, Lauren, Graham and Tino were holed up in the Slug And Lettuce, which was remarkably empty, supposedly because it was cleared out by a bar fight… oh classy. Some of the party was a little squiffy which is what I am going to blame the clothing removal and forward rolls on.

Eventually we got bored and decided to go to The Puzzle. Always wise. On the way we took this charming little snap of Kelly… on a post box… excuse the quality but I took it with my BlackBerry.

The music was absolutely banging last night and I was bouncing off the walls like a crazy person. We had Fall Out Boy, MCR, Panic, Biffy, Lostprophets and even Gre en Day. By the time we got booted out, I was feeling very hyper… although I got stuck chatting to some girl who kept saying, “I love your hair, you bitch. Bitch!” O…k… Candice was also in high spirits… she decided that this cone would look better in Kelly’s room so she walked down the road carrying which she and I sang Boosh crimps. Poor Lauren didn’t know what was going on.

And tonight we do it all again for Dawnie’s birthday…

Today’s obsession is Kentucky indie-rock band, Cage The Elephant. I discovered these guys after they had the single of the week on itunes. And then I fell for them when I saw their impressively mental front man, Matt Schultz on Nevermind The Buzzcocks. They’re kind of hard to describe because their sound is all over the place… in a good way… they have the jangliness of garage rock a la The White Stripes but then there are serious strains of Beck plus bits of old blues and soul. Mash that up with lyrics about drugs and hookers and it’s this completely danceable, guitar fuelled soup of joy. Download now, now, now!

Must have album: Cage The Elephant
My favourite song: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
For fans of: The White Stripes, The Subways, Beck

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