Tell them that she’s not scared

I am amazed by the amount of interest in the new tattoo. I think everyone has been getting vicariously inked through me. Ha ha! I can now reveal that the new art is on my right calf and it says:

I’m not afraid
At least
not to die
I’m afraid
to live
And not
remember why

And this is what it looks like. There are some shots from a better angle here but they are not for the faint of heart because you can still see a lot of the blood.

For those who don’t know, it’s an Envy On The Coast lyric from a song called Lapse. It probably sums up how I feel about life, better than anything else I’ve ever heard and of course anyone who has been following my progress on the novel I’m writing will know it was inspired by the album that Lapse is on. So it’s a celebration of the project and how it is changing me.
I sat for about an hour, which is my longest by a very long way. Fortunately Kelly was kind enough to sit with me. Having her there to distract me made a huge difference because there were times where I came close to throwing in the towel. Once again, I had the gorgeous Maio, as my artist/torturer. He is the same person who did the tattoo on my arm and quite amusingly he remarked at how good that one looks. I reminded him that he did it and he was like… oh… ha ha! Sadly this time I was facing away from him so I couldn’t stare.

Now begins the clingwrapping and the itching and the scabbing and the blistering and all the questions about why I am carrying around nappy rash cream! I also envision many questions from various people when I arrive home next week. Wish me luck…

Today’s obsession is this YouTube video by vBlogger, Jimmy010. He does little bits of observational comedy. This one is about warnings on plastic carrier bags. I’ve watched it about a hundred times and I kill myself laughing every time.


  1. Duuuuuude……. I LOVE it. Love love love it. Are you happy with it?

    PS. I like the Youtube guy as well. Funny and kind of cute 😛

  2. wherethewildthingsare14

    I am very, very happy with it. It was done by the same guy who did the one on my arm and I think he has done just as good a job.

    The YouTube guy is verrry cute… probably a little young for me, but what the hell! I love the way he says, “baby”. Ha ha!

  3. lauren

    i lovee lovee lovee your envy on the coast tattoo, they are my FAVORITE band and that quote has been my away message for about a good month. im glad to see someone express an interest in them and love them enough to get inked. sweet tattoo =]

  4. Abbi

    Awww, thanks! They’re my favourite too 🙂 The tattoo is actually the result of an agreement made between me and Jer (the bassist) in an alley outside the Astoria after he gave me their blessing to write my Lucy Gray novel. If you look at the ink album on their MySpace, you will see my leg…

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