I’m bouncing off the walls again

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I woke up and felt my party spirit rally. With being so sick recently and just generally feeling chilled out, I haven’t really felt like going out but by 2pm yesterday I could hear what Kelly calls “the call of the vodka”. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one hearing it and after a few cheeky emails to the aforementioned Kelly, a game plan was in place.

We decided to head to our usual stalwart, The Puzzle, but didn’t even make it to the bar before making a strategic exit. The few people who were in there, were quite a few years older than us and in the words of Kelly, “it even smelled like old people.” There was nothing to be done but go to Suburban.

I haven’t been to Suburban on a Friday in a very long time. Turns out the crowd is quite different to the Saturday crowd. It definitely had a vibe though and Kels and I were extremely popular with both the (unfortunately trollworthy) men and one middle-aged and very unsubtle lesbian. I found nothing to my taste (Kels, of course is not looking as she is comfortably ensconced with the lovely Donovan) so we stuck to knocking back the vodkas and getting our dance on.

I was in fine (read embarrassingly drunk and strange) form and flitted between

  • starting an argument with a guy who was trying to chat Kelly up no matter how much she ignored him
  • listening to the life story of a passing Polish tramp and demanding that he follow his dream (not that I can remember what it was) before giving him my change
  • making friends with two girls who were also out on the lash… one of whom was lovely… the other was completely deranged and frighteningly squeaky. She kept demanding that we had to be seeexxxxxxy on the dance floor.
  • stealing hats from a group of people who had come from a hat party (what is it with me and the goddamn hats???)… I almost made it out with one but it was snatched off my head by the owner at the last moment!

In the end Kelly dragged me home as the place closed. Uncharacteristically, I did not want to go home and I was pouting but fortunately Kelly is a lot more sensible than I am and shoved me into a cab that we paid for with a tenner we found lying next to the bar and that I had been storing for safekeeping in my bra (??)

Not feeling very clever this morning… head hurts, mouth like old sock, appetite of teenage boy. And tonight we get to do it all again because there are two birthday parties… wish me luck!

No obsession today… feeling too ill…


  1. Haha you’re drunken thieving adventures continue!

  2. Gah forgot to ask, when do you go off daylight saving over there? We started today….

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