Copy… right?

I was alerted to a very interesting bit of news by Jen this morning. (High fives by the way to Jen who has also jumped ship from Live Spaces to Blogspot, you can find her shiny new blog here. I suppose we owe a debt of gratitude to Live Spaces, as nasty as it is since it introduced us to each other). It appears that Apple may close the itunes store. Jen tried to share this information with me via a link on facebook but the link was swiftly removed… is big brother watching us? Anyway, I did some research myself and found this article.

It appears that The Copyright Royalty Board has intentions of increasing the royalty rates paid to music publishers. If this happens, Apple is faced with upping download prices or making a loss. Apparently they are not keen on either of these options. The Copyright Royalty Board claims that the music publishers will now be giving more money to artists. If I genuinely believed this, I might not complain too much if the download prices went up. I have a bit of a free-for-all attitude to music… sometimes I pay for downloads… sometimes I borrow *cough* pirate *cough*… it depends on what is around. The reason I don’t feel too bad about my sometimes dodgy acquisition of music is that the artists, who are the people I care about, see so little of the royalties. Trust me, after the number of onstage rants I’ve heard from bands, I have no doubt. I’d rather go to gigs and buy merch, then I know they’re getting the money. Anyway… it will be very interesting to see what happens with this one… so stay tuned.

In other news, I came home yesterday to discover that my entire shower had been ripped out. I was expecting them just to do some patching and sealing because of the leak but now it looks like I am getting a whole new shower. I would like to officially retract Tuesday’s whinge. My shower was falling apart, the doors barely worked and the wall was all icky next to it from damp. A whole new shower would be like having a whole new bathroom. Yippee!

Today’s obsession is Little Miss Sunshine. The first time I watched this dysfunctional family comedy-drama, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, I don’t think I was expecting much but by the end of the film I was absolutely charmed. The film has very little storyline. A family struggling with a father’s who is failing as a motivational speaker, a gay uncle who has attempted suicide, a son who doesn’t speak and a grandfather who snorts heroin go on a road trip across America to get adorable eight year-old, Olive, to the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant. It sounds somewhat random but the characters and their interactions are so interesting and so funny because they are so relatable. It is of course, Abigail Breslin, as Olive who completely steals the film from her older and much more experienced co-stars (Toni Colette, Alan Arkin, Steve Carrell and Greg Kinnear). I can’t help but adore Paul Dano in the role of Dwayne, as he sums up almost all of the total alienation, I felt as a teenager. I know it doesn’t sound like a feelgood film but you will come away with a smile, trust.


  1. Daf

    Heeeeeey Abbi!

    Well I have to be honest to having pretty much the same attitude to music – having heard that bands make most of their money from gigging myself. Actually randomly caught a couple of songs lately that include lyrics about paying for downloads so I guess some bands are still bothered (although they were both pap I mean rap I seem to think and ya gotta pay for that bling somehow!)

    Youll have to let me know how it works out over here for ya, cos I have to say Spaces seems to be lacking somewhat in new blood!

    Oh and new shower! Very nice. I was away last weekend and the room I had had a shower so small you couldnt turn round in it and shaving the legs was a complete maaaaare! ;O)

    Happy new blog home! Hugs Daf xxx

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